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Client List

SPB carries out works for a broad range of clients

These include local authorities, education centres, registered social landlords,
private companies together with industrial and commercial sectors.




We have for the past five years or so worked on rolling refurbishment programmes in effectively partnering conditions for Genesis and N.H.H.T. During this time we have refined our working procedures to provide a continuing and improvising service to our clients.
We offer full team support and have regular discussions with all parties to maintain and improve our product.

We have specialised in working for Housing Associations for the last 30 years and we believe we have good reputation for quality and performance. We take pride in our work and job satisfaction plays an important part of that.
This attitude is conveyed to our Staff and creates a good working atmosphere.

We also treat health and safety seriously and provide all necessary safety equipment and advice required. We set realistic targets for our employees so that they carry out their work safely and correctly. We aim to operate a no snagging - no defects policy.


SPB makes every effort to provide equality and opportunity to all

Our Equal Opportunities Policy Statement is endorsed by the Managing Director
and adheres to legislation including:

• The Equal Pay Act 1970 and equal Pay (Amendments) Regulations 1983
• The Sex & Discrimination Acts 1975 & 1986
• The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
• The Disability & Discrimination Act 1995

All our staff have contracts and employee handbooks clearly stating policies and procedures, by which we have attained our present status and with which we seek to pursue our commitment to maximise and develop the potential of our staff,
whilst maintaining lasting and mutually beneficial working relationships.
Many of our staff have worked for SPB for 10 years or more.

SPB retains the services of First Business Support as advisors on employment law and personnel advisors.

SPB employs the following staff:
Administrative 2
Management 2
Operative 8

SPB employs a training Manager, who ensures all our staff have the support and resources they need
to continuously develop their skills within the company.